J for Journalism and Justice is committed to the free expression of thought, the flourishing of free speech, and the protection of honest journalism.

My name is Remi.  I have been writing in newspapers since I was in junior high school.  Since then, I have been the editor in chief of the Western Student Press at Suffolk Community College in New York and an assistant news editor at Bellevue College in Washington State.

Up until this point, journalism has been a hobby of mine because, let’s face it, there are no jobs in journalism.  I don’t want to become another starving artist.  However, there comes a point when you feel morally compelled to respond to the environment in which you exist.  Currently, much of what’s called journalism isn’t that at all.  Instead, news has been replaced by talking heads who are free to add spin and omit information to promote their own ideology.

That’s not what this is supposed to be.  Reporters and journalists are there to record and relay events as they occur, not add embellishments and misinformation to influence the public.

So here I am, doing exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do.

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