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PDX Police Chief Mike Reese misleads public

Chief Reese speaks with KGW

Written by: Remi

On November 17, during the N17 action, KGW interviewed Portland Police Chief and Mayoral Candidate Mike Reese.

The initial question was pertaining to how Reese felt the day was going.  He took that opportunity to mention the actions at the Steel Bridge, the actions at the banks, and then commented about having to make staffing adjustments to cover daily patrols.

A question is then asked about the impact the Occupation protests were having on the police force and how they were distracting officers from being able to respond to other crimes in the area.

“We are reducing our patrol response.  Many days, like today, we are taking emergency calls only for service.  For example, we had a rape victim stand by for three hours until we could get an officer to take a report and that makes all of us very sad,” Reese replied.

When asked by the interviewer if this was directly related to Occupy Portland, he responded “correct.”

He also mentioned that there were issues with a large group of protesters being in the streets during the N17 action that presented safety risks to themselves, drivers, and other officers.  However, protesters stated that the majority of traffic issues on November 17th were due to police actions in the street as they remained on the sidewalks.

The backlash across the internet was almost instantaneous with members of the Portland community calling for the Occupy Movement to disband because they were draining police resources and wasting tax-payer money.

But other media sources were quick to pick up where KGW left off.  Specifically, an article by Maxine Bernstein at the Oregonian explained that the call occurred on November 6th and was reported as occurring two days prior.  That call was dispatched as a non-emergency.

According to Bernstein’s article, “Laura Wolfe, a spokeswoman for Portland’s Bureau of Emergency Communications, said the delay was not due to any problem with dispatch.”  On the day in question, the call came in during a time when there were four officers and one Sergeant from the Central Precinct committed to the Occupy Portland encampment.

Besides the encampment, police were tapped by other incidents that had occurred which included a shooting and a severe traffic accident on I-84.

Since the release of this information, the Portland Police Bureau has been running damage control while other news agencies have begun to run similar stories.

Occupy Portland responded to the Chief’s accusation, “To use an individual who may have been the victim of a horribly violent crime in order to blame protesters for the overreaction of the Portland police is a complete dereliction of office on the part of Mike Reese.”